Increase your Curb Appeal with a Front Porch

A Front Porch Makes the House

Imagine a neighborhood where all you see from the start to the end of the street are closed doors, gates and walls. Then think of another where houses have front porches. The latter is easily more inviting and comfortable to live in, right? And it’s not hard to understand why. More than anything else, front porches are instrumental in bringing people out of their houses.

Front Porch

Fortunately, they are also one of the easiest upgrades that you can do to your home.  Let’s explore what a front porch can do for your home.


Your Front Porch Will…

…improve and enhance your curb appeal.

Having a front patio conveys a sense of homeliness that many people find inviting and refreshing. With a nicely-designed and comfortably furnished porch, your home’s curb appeal gets an instant boost.

…increase the value of your home.

Whether you are planning to eventually sell your home or not, your home’s resale value will be higher if you have a front porch. You can be assured that adding one on is an investment worth making. Especially when you use quality materials and furnish it in an attractive way, a new porch can immediately add significant value to your home.

Eating on the Front Porch

…more space for relaxation and leisure.

After getting off from work, wouldn’t it be nice to go home, sit on your front porch, relax for a bit on a comfortable seat, have a or two drinks, and enjoy the weather before going inside your house to finish the rest of your day? With your front porch, you have the perfect place to recharge after a busy day. And if it’s big enough, it’s the perfect place to invite friends over for a regular get-together as well. A front porch is practically synonymous with a place to relax, and in this fast-paced world we live in, who wouldn’t want to go home to that?

…foster community interaction.

If only more people invested in front porches rather than back decks, there’s a better chance for personal interaction instead of just the usual online interaction. And we might start remembering how great it feels to be part of a community, a real one, not a virtual one. With a back deck, you get to relax, but you don’t get to see your neighbors who literally just pass you by. With a front porch, on the other hand, you can still sit idly and relax. And when neighbors pass by, you’ll have the chance to interact with them, even just to say your hellos and maybe do a little catching up. It’s about time we realize that interaction through social media shouldn’t be enough. It’s still more satisfying to interact with real people.


Furnishing Your Front Porch

Where to sit, lay down, cuddle, or sleep

Think rocking chairs, hammocks, porch swings, and soft sofas. A porch is no good if you do not have some kind of seat where you would want to stay for hours resting and just letting time pass by.

Furniture on a front porchWhere to put your food and drinks

Your best bet will be a nice coffee table or side table because either won’t take up much room, just enough for snacks, drinks, or maybe a small meal.

What to do

With some reading materials and a speaker for playing your music (or your own musical instrument like a guitar or a banjo), you’re all set.

How to make it more comfortable

You need drapes, curtains, or blinds to shield yourself when the sun shines directly on your porch.  You also need pillows (for that added homey feel), a rug (for comfort on your feet), some plants (for that feeling of being close to nature), and lighting (to be able to stay on your porch as long as you like, even when it’s already dark outside).


J&J Construction Builds Porches

Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel sad about the state our relationships are in. It’s ironic that while it’s now easier to stay connected, we seem to be even less connected because much is being done digitally and personal interaction has become more limited. If only to make everyone else become inclined to get more personal again, maybe front porches should be made part of everyone’s homes. And then maybe we can start feeling like we’re part of a neighborhood again, and not just part of a social media network. Give us a call at 406-697-1494 to determine a time when we can come and quote you on your new patio.

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