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J & J is a Full Service Construction Company

No matter what your construction, remodel, or repair needs are, we have the ability to handle your project.  We will complete the job on time, on budget, and make sure that everything is up to code.  Our services include:

New Construction – You just bought a lot of land, and now you want your dream house built on it.  We will get the land prepped, the excavation completed, the foundation poured, and the house built.  We work with you to determine exactly what stylistic elements you want incorporated into the project. -Learn More-

Pole Barns – Constructing outbuildings doesn’t have to be as difficult as building a house.  A pole barn is a simple structure that provides protection from the elements, looks great, and goes up quick. -Learn More-

Commercial and Agricultural Buildings – Building a house to code is different than building a commercial building to code.  We understand the differences and we can make sure that no matter if you are building a commercial, agricultural, or residential building, it is all done legally. -Learn More-

Concrete Flatwork – Anything concrete is what we really love to do.  Jesse is an accomplished craftsman when it comes to concrete.  Everything from foundations, to pouring a patio, to sidewalks (J&J is one of a handful of contractors certified to pour sidewalks in Billings, Montana), to decorative overlay, we can make sure your concrete looks great and will last for years. -Learn More-

Exterior Repairs – Here in Montana we can get some severe storms.  These bring high winds and heavy hail that can tear through a roof or siding in no time.  We love working with clients to restore their homes to the beauty they held before the storm caused damage. -Learn More-

Roofing – There are many different types of roofs: flat roofs, shingle roofs, metal roofs, and specialty.  We can install any that you prefer for your home.  We will work with you on brands and styles, and make sure the finished product is a work of art. -Learn More-

Siding – Similar to roofing, you have options for your siding.  We can install vinyl, smart siding, cedar, brick, and more.  We offer suggestions on what will look the best, and can get you products that you didn’t know existed. -Learn More-

Gutters – Through our gutter service, affectionately called Frog Fanny Gutters, we can build you seamless gutters.  These won’t leak (they’re tighter than a frog’s fanny!), will look impeccable, and protect your foundation from water damage. -Learn More-

Windows – Whether your windows have been broken in a storm, or it is just time to upgrade, we can get the old ones out and the new ones in.  We make sure that everything is installed properly, the windows are level, and you are left with a beautiful portal to the outside world. -Learn More-

Give us a call today at 406-697-1494 to come check out your project.  You will be pleasantly surprised with how soon we can tackle the project.

Don’t see the services you need on the list?  Don’t worry, we are your Billings, MT contractor, and we will take care of your needs.